Consular Registration


First Registration

 Please provide the following documents when applying for consular registration:

1. Application form filled in and signed by the applicant;

2. Information sheet filled in and signed by the applicant;

3. Original copy of the birth certificate;

4. Original copy of your father's birth or death certificate;

5. If you are born abroad (outside Algeria), you must provide the birth or death certificate of your grand-father or a certificate of Algerian nationality;

6. Original and a copy of proof of legal residence in tOman (leave to remain, student visa, work permit visa,);

7- Proof of address in Oman (Copy of any utility bill);

8- Six (4) (similar) recent passport-sized photographs;

9- Proof of employment or enrolment certificate for students;

10- Copy of the marriage certificate (for married citizens);

11- Original Algerian passport and photocopies of pages 1, 2, 3 including visa endorsement page;

Important Notice

Please note that nationals married in Oman should apply simultaneously for the registration of their marriage and the issue of a Family Book. For this purpose, they need to provide when applying for First Consular registration - A copy of the marriage certificate - A copy of the national's full birth certificate (Copie integrale) - A copy of the spouse's full birth certificate


The registration card (carte d’immatriculation) is valid for five (5) years from the date of issue and is free of charge.

Renewal of Registration

Please note that the documents needed for the renewal of the consular registration are the same as for the first one. However, and in order to make things easier, some documents will not be requested, such as the birth certificate (unless there is a change in the applicant's situation).

Hence, for the renewal of the Consular Registration, the following documents must be provided:

1. Application form filled and signed by the applicant

2. Previous registration card

3. Two (3) recent and similar passport-sized photographs

4. Original and a copy of proof of legal residence in Oman (leave to remain, student visa, work permit visa, ;

5. Proof of activity or enrolment certificate for the students.

6. Proof of address in Oman  (any utility bill, tenancy agreement ...)

Transfer of Registration File

Algerian Nationals already registered at an Algerian Embassy or Consulate abroad and currently residing permanently in Oman should ask for the transfer of their Registration file.

This procedure is carried out by the Consulate and new registration at the Consulate in Oman is granted as soon as the file is transferred. (In some cases, the agreement of competent authorities in Algeria is needed).

Required Documents:

1. File Transfer Application Form

2. First Registration Application Form

3. Information Sheet

4. Original of the current Consular Registration card

5. Original of any evidence of legal and permanent residency in Oman

6. 4 similar recent passport size photographs

Additional documents related to the applicant's personal or professional profile may be requested at a later date.

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