Birth registration

Be on Algerian nationality -

Original birth certificate, born certified -

. book family to add a baby -

: Registration of Marriages

Original marriage certificate certified -

the husband's birth certificate -

The wife's birth certificate -

Algerian nationality certificate for the husband or the wife. -

Picture of the identity of the couple -

: Registration of deaths

Original death certificate certified -

. Any document to prove the Algerian nationality of the deceased -

Algerian citizens can request a re-running of births and marriages records of civil status open for this purpose diplomatic status., As well as in the case of death, God forbid,

As concerned citizens can extract and civil status documents listed records centers Algerian diplomatic or consular abroad: these representations I believe the Office of Civil Status of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and who can contact him at the following address

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Directorate-General for Consular Affairs

Office of Civil Status


Phone: 021 50 45 45

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Civil Status

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