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Hey el djamia el arabia . Madinet el sultane Qaboos  . Mascate

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BP 116

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00 968 24 60 55 93

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The sixtieth anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution editorial

His Excellency

Mohand Salah LADJOUZI

Ladies and Gentlemen,
members of the Algerian community in Oman..
It has been only a few days since I took over my duties as a new ambassador of the people’s Democratic Republic of Algeria in the sultanate of Oman, and based on the firm belief that the communication with our valued community members is the best way to improve the consular work, facilitating services and enhancing the administration citizens relations, I thought of creating an Algerian Embassy electronic website, with this I would present on the behalf of the embassy staff and I my regards and my great appreciation. With the initiation of this website from the Sultanate of Oman to which we are bound with by brotherhood and friendships bonds will definitely help strengthening the cooperation and brotherly relations between the nation of Algeria and the Sultanate of Oman in different domains. This atmosphere which is an important attainment to develop the diplomatic and consular work will also create a chain of communication between the embassy and our community members here in Oman, through which along with your supportive cooperation, will further boost the image of our beloved country in the Sultanate of Oman, the definition of hospitality. Through this website we will seek to provide all needed information and details that will facilitate to our community members the various administrative and consular transactions. Moreover it also will serve as a background for the successful achievements in Algeria and the massive ongoing development projects completed under the wise leadership of his Excellency, the president of the republic Abdulaziz Bouteflika. In addition, the posh, bright historical aspects of the Algerian nation throughout the eras will be covered via this site. As it will also convey all the current developments in the scientific, cultural and literature fields in Ageria. The website will also provide an opportunity for the economists from Algeria and the Sultanate to be up-to-date with the lows, legislations and partnership opportunities in the field of investment and trading between the two countries. As I truthfully hope that this website will contribute to facilitating your interaction with the embassy and bringing you closer to your inveterate country. May Allah bless you with success and I wish you all the happiness and peace in your life.
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